Electrical Definitions

Magnetism : It is the property of certain materials of attracting small iron pieces.

Magnetron : A transit-time crodded field microwave oscillator tube characterized by a re-entrant slow wave circuit of circular cylindrical geometry which also serves as the anode.

Magnetic Crossed Field Modulator : A frequency doubler consists of an annular coil surrounded by hollow toroid magnetic material.

Magnetic Amplifier : Any form of amplifier depending upon the properties of ferromagnetic materials.

Magnetic Hysteresis : It is observed in ferromagnetic materials below the Curue point where the magnetization of the material varies non linearly with the magnetic field strength and also lags behind it.

Magnetic Moment : It is a measure of strength of a magnet.When a magnet is plaed in a magnetic field of density B,the magnet experiences a torque such that T=m*B where m is a magnetic moment.

Magneto Telephone System : A telephone system in which the call signals are actuated by magneto generators at the subscriber's stations.

Magnetron Rectifier : A gas tube rectifier,in which the electrodes are not heated and the electron stream is controlled by a magnetic field.

Magnetron Travelling Wave : A magnetron whose operatation depends upon the interaction of electron with a travelling radio frequency field having constant angular or linear velocity.

Magnetron Voltage Tunable (MVT) : A magnetron in which output frequency can be varied linearly by varying the anode voltage.

Magnifier : Amplifier in radio telephony.A term used in cable telegraphy in preference to relay or amplifier for an apparatus for amplifying signals received over a submarine cable by controlling a circuit otherwise than by opening and closing contacts.

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