Electrical Definitions

Facsimile Apparatus : An apparatus which enebles documents to be transmitted,from one place to other,over telephone lines.

Facsimile Transmission : A method of transmitting any kind of document to produce a copy of the object at the receiver side.

Fall Time : The time gap between the 10% point and the 90% point on the negative going edge of a pulse.

Feedback : The process of feeding back a fraction of output energy of an energy changing device to input.

Fermi Dirac : A system of quantum statics that is used to describe the behaviour of solids in terms of a free electron model.

Field Effect Transistor : A majority carrier multi-electrode semiconductor device in which current flows through a narrow conducting channel between two electrodes and conduction through channel is modulated by an electric field applied through third electrode.

Film Resistor : A type of resistor,that uses a thin layer of resistive material deposited on an insulating core.

Flip-Flop : A bistable device used for storing a bit of information.

Floppy Disks : These are small flexible disks about the size of a 45 rpm records with the recording surface of ferric oxide on one or both sides.

Frequency Convertors : A part of a frequency counter which converts the frequency to be measured down to a value measurable by the counter.

Frequency Band: A particular range of frequencies that forms part of larger continuous series of frequencies.

Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM): A form of multiplex operation in which each user of the system is assigned a different frequency band.

Frequency Modulation: A method of superimposing information signals on to a carrier signal in which the modulating signal varies the frequency of a carrier wave.

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