Electrical Definitions

Earphone : A small speaker designed to be used very close to the ear.

Earth Wire : A wire,connected to earth,running above the conductors in h.t. transmission lines,to minimise the effects of lightning,to contact earth currents in case of leakage and in other ways to lessen interference with neighbouring communication circuits.

Eddy Current Transmitter : A telephone transmitter consisting of a disc of aluminium foil vibrating under the influence of the sound waves in a constant magnetic field produced by two slab coils.

Electric Hysteresis Loss : Electrical loss in a dielectric material due to internal forces in the material produced by varying electricfield.

Electromagnetic Interference : Electromagnetic interference is a condition in which an electromagnetic emission produces an undesired response in a specific susceptible component or subsystem.

Electronic Circuits : A path or map with interconnecting and conducting lines forming an interface between various elements used in the field of electronic engineering.

Electronic Device : A device that utulizes the properties of electrons for ions moving in a vaccum,gas or semiconductor.

Electron Telescope : An apparatus for seeing through haze,etc.,by infrared rays in which an infrared ray image is formed by optical lenses on the cathode of an Electron Image Tube by which it is rendered visible.

Electro Optics : The study of the behaviour of electron beams under the influence of magnetic and electrostatic field in a vacum or very low pressure gas.

Electron Tube and Electron Valve : A discharge tube such as a thermionic valve or "X" Ray tube,in which there is a sufficiently high vacum for the effect to be due to stream of electrons and not of gaseous ions.

Electrostatic Adhesion: Adhesion between two substances or surfaces due to the presence of opposite charges,which attract each other.

Emission: The liberation of electrons or electromagnetic radiation from the surface of a metal,solid or liquid.

Emitter: The region of a bipolar junction transistor from which carriers flow,through the emitter junction into the base.

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