Electrical Definitions

Dynamo : A dynamo is a machine which converts mechanical energy into DC electrical energy.It is also known as a 'generator'.

D.O.L. stater : D.O.L. or 'Direct On Line' starter is the simplest type of 3-phase starter which is used to start 3-phase squirrel cage motors upto 5 H.P.

Decibel : Decibel is a unit which is used to measure the intensity of sound in comparison to another sound.

Distortion : A change in the waveform of an output signal w.r.t. the input signal waveform during amplification is called distortion.

Displacement current : When an insulator current is connected to a battery,the electrons tends to move in the direction of positive terminal.This momentary displacement of electrons is referred as displacement current.

Delta Modulation : A form of digital modulation in which 1 bit per sample is sent to indicate whether signal is larger or smaller than previous sample.

Decoder : It is a digital circuit which converts the coded information into a familiar form.

Delay : It is the time gap between the occurrence of an event at one point in a circuit and the corresponding occurrence of a related event at some other point.

Delta Network : A set of three passive/active devices connected in series so as to form a mesh.

Demagnetization Curve : A portion of magnetic hysteresis loop which depicts peak value of residual magnetism and how the magnetization force is applied.

Delta Sigma Modulation: A varient of delta modulation in which the integral of the input signal is encoded rather the signal itself.

Detection: The process of separating the signal wave from a modulated carrier wave is called detection or 'demodulation'.

Dielectric Dispersion: This term is used at higher microwave frequencies.It implies variation in dielectric constant with increase in frequency.

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