Electrical Definitions

Tape Recorders : A tape recorder is an electronic equipment which can record and reproduce sound signals.

Telecommand System : System to eliminate human involvement by hand operation by use of electronic to maneuver a satellite from remote ground stations and also to get status of health of various subsystems of a satellite.

Telecommunications : Technology concerned with communicating at a distance.The original information energy is converted into electrical form to produce an electronic information signal.

Television : A system that converts a series of visual images into electrical signals to be transmitted by radio waves to a distant point.

Thermionic Amplifier : A thermionic valve ussed as an Amplifier or magnifier of the scale of the modulations of a telephone current or trains of oscillations in radio communications.

Time-Division Multiplexing : The TDM is the procedure by which a number of different channels can be transmitted over a common circuit by allocating the common circuit to each channel in turn for a given period of time.

Transformer : A transformer is a static device used to transfer AC electrical energy from one circuit to another.

Transformer stepped Impedence : A wave guide whose transverse cross-section dimension changes abruptly in a number of step with each section between steps usually being a quarter-wave long.

Transistor : A solid state,current gain device having a collector,base and emitter terminals.

Thermal runway : If a transistor is subjected to a temperature of 800°C or above, it becomes nearly a conductor.The phenomenon is referred as thermal runway.

Transmitter : The equipment used for the production and radiation of radio waves after modulating them with a signal wave is called a transmitter.

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