Electrical Definitions

RACE : A condition in a logic network in which the differences in propagation times through two or three more signal paths in the network can produce an erroneous output.

Radar : Acronym for radio detection and ranging, a system that uses beamed and reflected RF energy for the detection and location of objects as well as for measuring distances or altitudes.

Radio Signals : A carrier in the RF range that is modulated by an electromagnetic signal.

Radio Technique : Techniques involving simple and advance principles in radio reception,selection,detection,transmission and modulation of radio waves.

Radix : The base of number system.The number of digits in a given number system.

Rectification : The conversion of an alternating current into a unidirectional current.

Rectification Efficiency : It can be defined as the percentage of input ac power that is converted into useful dc output power.

Reed Relay : A device based on the fact that an electric current passing through a coil of wire produces an electromagnet with the ends of the coil having opposite magnetic polarities.

Reflector or Repeller : The electrode at negative potential with respect to the cathode which reverses the direction of the electron beam.

Registers : Registers are digital circuits used for the temporary storage and shifting of information.

Relay : An electrical device in which one electrical phenomenon(current,voltage,etc.) controls the switching on or off of an independent electrical phenomenon.

Resistors : A device that offers resistance to flow of electric current measured in ohms.

Rheostat : A variable wire wound resistor is known as a rheostat.

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