Electrical Definitions

Lapping : A method of reducing substrate/slice thickness for applications where accuracy of substrate thickness is critical like in case MMICs (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits).

Large Scale Integration : Circuits with complexities of 100 to 1000 equivalent gates per chip,including memories and some microprocessor fall into this category.

Laryngaphone : A telephone transmitter in which the voice vibrations are taken up by a pad pressed on to the exterior of the throat instead of from the sound issuing situations in that it does not pick up extraneous sounds.

Latency : The time required for a mechanical stored device to begin transmitting data after a request.

Lens Antenna : A dielectric lens where a divergent beam is collimated.

Liquid Crystal : An organic liquid consisting of long-chain molecules that line up under the influence of an applied electric field to give a quasi-crystalline structure of the liquid.

Liquid Crystal Display : A type of passive display that uses liquid crystals, as in a seven-segment numerical display of digital watches and pocket calculators.

Listde Wire : A wire of uniform resistance provided with a sliding contact that can make a connection at any desired point along the length.

Local Area Network(LAN) : A communication network connecting devices in a local area,such as one floor of a building.Used for communications and to share common devices.

Local Oscillations : Oscillations in a radio receiving circuit due to the action of the apparatus itself,e.g. from a separate oscillator valve for heterodyne reception or due to self oscillation.

Logic Analyser : Logic analyser is basically a multichannel oscilloscope with the ability to detect and display logic levels in several forms.

Logic Gate : These are devices which produce logical output depending upon logical input conditions.Various gates commonly used are "AND,OR,NAND,NOR, NOT and Exclusive-OR."

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