Electrical Definitions

I.C. (Integrated Circuit) : A type of circuit in which all the parts are integrated on a single silicon chip of very small size.

Ikonophone : An experimental apparatus combining Television by line currents with telephony to render the distant speaker's face visible.

Impact Ionization : Ionization of an atom or molecule due to loss of orbital electrons following a high energy collision.

Impedance : The property of a circuit,depending upon frequency,inductance, capacitance and resistance which determines the current produced by a given alternating voltage in that circuit.

Index Register : A register used for indexed addressing in a microprocessor.

Indexing : The modification of the address of the operand contained in the instruction of a microprocessor.

Inversion : It is a process of conversion of a high level to a low level or from a low level to a high level.

Inverter : The digital circuit that performs the inversion operation.

Inductance : Inductance is the property of AC circuits which opposes any changes in the amount of current.It is denoted by letter L and its unit is henry(H).

Inductance Drop : The part of voltage drop along an alternating current transmission line or in a transformer etc. due to the Inductance of the line or apparatus.

Isolator: A two port device having much greater attenuation in one direction of propogation than in the opposite direction.

Isolator Resonance: An Isolator,whose operation depend upon absorption in a gyromagnetic resonance frequency.

Isolation Diode: Diodes formed by collector substrate junction in bipolar integrated circuits to maintain isolation between parts of integrated circuit junction by reverse biasing the junction.