Electrical Definitions

Half Adder : A logic device that adds two binary bits and provides a sum carry out.

Half Wave Rectification : Rectification,in which the half waves of the alternating current in one direction only are made use of while those in the reverse direction are suppressed.

Half Wave Transmission : Long distance alternating current transmission in which line losses and pressure drops are less ended by arranging the natural period of oscillation of the line to be equal to four times the frequency so that resonance is produced.

Half-wave-length aerial : A transmitting aerial,with an effective height equal to,half the wave length of the waves to be radiated.

Hall Effect : When a conductor carrying current,is placed in a magnetic field which is at right angles to the direction of current,an electromotive force is produced in direction that is perpendicular to both the current and the magnetic field.

Hartley Oscillator : An oscillator that employs a transistor in common emitter configuration with a parallel tuned circuit across collector and emitter.

Hartron Bridge : An AC bridge that measures mutual inductance.

Hay Bridge : An AC bridge used for measurement of large inductance.

Helicalantenna : The antenna consists of a loosely wound helical spring by a ground plane which is simply a screen made of chicken mesh.

Hold Time : The time interval required for the control levels to remain on the clock in order to reliably activate the device.

Howler: An oscillator that generates high pitched audio frequency tone in order to attract attention of an operator a sort of audible warning.It is also used as a null point detector in bridge measurement.

HUM: A low pitched audio frequency noise heared in AF systems.

Hybrid Circuit: A circuit made by a combination of different integration techniques.

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