Electrical Definitions

Gain : The increase in the variation of power voltage or current contained in an amplifier or a repeater expressed in decibels called gain/Amplification.

GATE : Gate is a logic circuit which performs a specific logic operation such as AND or OR gate.

Gateway : Gateway connects earh station to a public switched communication system.

Geissler Tube : A vaccum tube with a moderate degree of exhausion sufficient for the brightly coloured luminous discharge to be broken up by dark spaces.

Geostationary Earth Orbit : The earth orbit at which the motion and of body in space are equal.It is at altitude of 36000 km above the earth surface.

Getter : A name given in thermionic valve manufacture to a small piece of magnesium or similar metal, attached to the anode which is heated after the lamp is exhausted and sealed so that it volatilises and combines with the residual gases,improves the vaccum and finally condenses on the bulb in a mirror like deposit.

Glitch : A current or voltage spike of short duration usually unwanted.

Gold schmidthigh Frequency Alternator : An alternator for producing currents at radio frequencies,in which no attempt is made to provide a sufficiently high frequency.

Grid : An electrode that has an open structure,such as a mesh or a plate with a hole in it,thus allowing an electron beam to pass through it.

Gunn Diode : A negative resistance microwave device that operates by means of the Gunneffect.

Gunn Effect: An effect that occurs when a large D.C. electric field is applied across a short sample of type gallium arsenide.