Electrical Definitions

Band Pass Filter : A frequency filter which permits only the passage of oscillation between certain limits of frequency,sometimes used to improve selectivity of radio-receivers.

Base : It is one of the three regions in a bipolar transistor.

Battery : A group of cells is referred as a battery.

Buckling : The bending of cell plate is called buckling. A battery should not be charged or discharged at a high current rate (above 25A) in order to avoid this effect.

Bifilar Winding : A method of winding consisting of two contiguous insulated conductors connected so that they carry the same current in opposite directions.

Bipolar : The term is used to represent a junction type of semi conductor device e.g. a PNP transistor or a NPN transistor.

Bit : Binary digit 1 or 0.

Byte : A group of 8 bits.

Bootstrap Amplifier : A single stage amplifier in which the output load is connected between the negative end of the H.T. supply and the cathode,and the signal voltage is applied between grid and cathode.

Bridge : An assembly of at least four circuit elements,such as resistors,capacitors etc., together with a current source and a null point detecting device.

Bridge Rectifier: A full-wave rectifier circuit in the form of a bridge,with a rectifier in each arm.

Bridging Condenser: A condenser of fixed value shunting piece of apparatus to divert oscillations of the higher frequencies.

Bridging Telephone: A Telephonic receiver placed in parallel with another, or with some other apparatus to divert oscillations of the higher frequencies.

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